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Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

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Non invasive prenatal testing (NIPT): a simple blood sample that replaces amniocentesis

Amniocentesis and CVS are invasive tests and therefore carry a 1% risk of miscarriage including with healthy fetuses. Some parents wish to have such a test performed because they are anxious and want to know by sure if their future baby has a chromosomal problem. Other parents opt for such test only if their fetus is at high risk for a chromosomal problem.

Since January 2013, a simple blood sample allows in nearly 100% of cases to detect trisomy 21 and to a lesser extent trisomy 18 and 13, without taking any risk of miscarriage such as following amniocentesis or CVS. This blood sample test is or NIPT is known as the Harmony® prenatal test and has been launched by an American laboratory (Ariosa® diagnostics). The NIPT technique is based on the fact that fetal genetic material can be found into the maternal blood circulation. Thanks to a powerful molecular biology tool, a high speed sequencer, DNA analysis that contains the genetic information of the baby can be realised and trisomy 21 can be detected. This NIPT as offered with the Harmony test has been validated by very serious scientific studies in high risk as well as low risk patients.

The NIPT can be performed to patients that are at least 10 weeks pregnant and until term. Results will be given within 2 weeks and on average in one week. However, this NIPT is not paid back by the Belgian heath care system or INAMI. The fetal medicine unit of the University Hospital Brugmann is the first Belgian unit to offer such a test to future parents. For more information about the NIPT, please call the fetal medicine unit of the university hospital Brugmann at the number 0032 2 4772958 or the secretary of gynaecology at the number 0032 2 477 2930.

All profits from the Harmony prenatal test delivered by the Fetal Medicine Foundation Belgium are used for scientific research in fetal medicine.

The Fetal Medicine Foundation Belgium declares no conflict of interest with the company ARIOSA DIAGNOSTICS providing the Harmony prenatal test.

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